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Returns a new tensor with a dimension of size one inserted at the specified position.


Returns a new view of the self tensor with singleton dimensions expanded to a larger size. Passing -1 as the size for a dimension means not changing the size of ...


dimension != dim and by the corresponding value in index for dimension = dim .


Returns the sum of each row of the input tensor in the given dimension dim . If dim is a list of dimensions, reduce over all of them.


Returns a tensor with all the dimensions of input of size 1 removed. For example, if input is of shape: ...


Pads tensor. Padding size: The padding size by which to pad some dimensions of input are described starting from the last dimension and ...


Returns a tensor that is a transposed version of input . The given dimensions dim0 and dim1 ...


For a tensor to be viewed, the new view size must be compatible with its original size and stride, i.e., each new view dimension must either be a subspace ...


Supports broadcasting to a common shape, type promotion, and integer, float, and complex inputs. Parameters. input (Tensor) – the input tensor.


torch.Tensor.repeat. Tensor. repeat (*sizes) → Tensor. Repeats this tensor along the specified dimensions. Unlike expand() , this function copies the ...

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