PySearch: Python Function Search by Description

PySearch is a completely free search engine for querying python libraries using natural language descriptions of the properties of the functions you are looking for. The goal is to help you find the function you are looking for when you know what library its in, but not what its name is.

Ultimately, the plan is to use deep NLP and program analysis to index libraries that don't have any documentation! Right now however, it's in pre-beta and we are working hard to improve the result quality.

Right now, searches work best for pytorch, tensorflow, numpy, jax, scipy, and pandas (in that order). The default is pytorch, and if none are selected, stdlib. Please get in contact if you'd like your public libraries added to this list!

How to use

It's simple and unlike any code search tool you have used before! Just select the libraries you want to search and then type in what you want using natural language. You can describe what you want or ask for keywords! Click the examples below to see this in action:

Example with pytorch

If you like our tool please sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know when things get better, and feel free to send us your feedback! By actually using this tool and letting us know your thoughts, you can help us improve it!

More Examples

Pytorch Examples

Tensorflow Examples

Numpy Examples

Stdlib Examples

Add a shortcut to your browser for Convenience!

Fun fact - you can add search engines to your browser so that you can for example type "p give me a tensor" and it'll search with pysearch.

We've documented this process for Chrome. You can also add a shortcut in Firefox, and we'll add instructions for that soon.

1. Open settings and search for "site search."

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2. Navigate to "site search."

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3. Click "Add" and use any of the following URLs:

  • PyTorch: ""
  • Tensorflow: ""
  • Numpy: ""
  • Jax: ""
  • SciPy: ""
  • Pandas: ""
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Can't find the library you're looking for?

We are sorry we haven't got round to putting the library into our targeted searches! We would love to hear which library you want to see next, please send us a library request.

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